Discover 5 New Ways to Get Items For Your Home.

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When you first buy a home there are so many things that you need and want to buy for your new home. Now we all know that buying a home financially may be difficult enough, but furnishing that home also gets expensive. While you may want to go out and buy all brand new things for your new home you probably already broke the bank just buying a home. So here are a few ways to get items for your home for free or super cheap. Let’s be honest you worked really hard to boost that credit score and that’s not easy so the last thing you want to do is go out and rack up a bunch of new debt buying furniture and items for your new home. Now some of these ways may take a little patients and maybe even some improvising but they are great for your wallet!.

1. Ask Family and Friends – people always seem to have items that they are looking to get rid off. I’m not saying go ask your Grandma if you have her kitchen table. I’m saying make sure friends and family know what you are looking for so they can keep an eye out for these items or may have an extra and give it to you. By letting friends and family know what you are looking for they also will be able to keep an eye out and may just find the perfect item for your home! I recently shared the story of my new farmhouse style table. This find was truly a team effort! From my friend finding the table, to my Mom having the ReStore hold it for me, to my Dad picking it up in his pickup truck! It’s perfect though!



2. Yard sales – spring and summer are the biggest yard sale seasons so keep your eyes peeled for these sales and check out items that neighbors may be selling.

3. Thrift stores – I talked about my favorite thrift stores here. There are some great finds to be had at your local thrift stores. Remember to shop with an open mind and remember a coat of pain can go a long way!


4. Trash Picking – don’t turn your nose up at this idea until you have tried it! People throw out perfectly good items all the time! Keep an eye out, pull over check it out! Don’t be embarrassed! I would however only get wood or metal items this way. Always be mindful of the critters that could be living in or on items! From spiders to bedbugs you don’t want any of those guys crawling around inside your new home!

5. Facebook Market place – I have shared before that shopping this way makes me nervous but there are some ways to ensure your safety. For example always meet in public and take someone with you. Many local police stations even offer a meet up spot so check with your local police to see if they have a spot.

















Have you tried any of these ways to get items for your home?  Let me know what you have found in the comments!


**A post just doesn’t seem complete without a funny video so check this one out!

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