10 Must Have Items For A Farmhouse Style Living Room

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Whether you are just moving into a new home or simply looking to redecorate there are so many simple ways to achieve farmhouse style without going all crazy and ship lapping everything. The key to farmhouse style is keeping things simple and neutral. The colors that are used in farmhouse style decorating are white, cream, grey and beige color. Soft textures are used in farmhouse style. Adding a few wood or metal pieces is great way to add some industrial style texture, but don’t get carried away look for these as an accent. A white or grey couch is the starting point for a farmhouse style living room and then adding these basics will help you achieve the perfect farmhouse look.


Here are a few key pieces to get you started or to help you finish decorating your home in farmhouse style!

  1. White Pitcher

2. Drop Cloth Curtains

3. Neutral rugs

4. Farmhouse sign

5. Barn Door Entertainment Center

6. A Blanket Ladder

7. Neutral Blankets

8. Decorative Pillows

9. Magnolia Wreath

10. Table Lamps

Is there a must have farmhouse piece that you love for your living room? Share it with me!

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