When Being A Homeowner Is Not So Great…

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Sometimes things happen that we can’t predict or expect and as a homeowner all you can do is jump in and try to fix it… well and try your best not to cry as you run to your local home depot.

Recently my basement flooded, like Titanic style flooding… literally with toys floating by. The second I walked down the basement stairs my heart sank. I realized right then that I had no idea what to do, but I knew that I needed to get that water out and quickly. I called my team and everyone rushed to help. We pumped, used the shop vac, used a squeegee, mopped, and at times even used a snow shovel to get the water out. We got as many of the toys and other items out as we could. The basement was a finished basement. Yep you read that right. Finished. Drywall, entertainment centers, and lots of other things that were destroyed. I did call my insurance and guess what? NONE of it was covered. None of it. This is part of the reason that I started this page. There are so many things about being a homeowner that I didn’t know and I’m sure that other new homeowners and maybe some long time homeowners don’t know. So learn along with me. Let’s laugh together when things go well and cry together when things don’t go well.


What have I learned from this?

  1. Don’t believe that your basement won’t flood… it might….
  2. Take some measures to prepare just in case. (Make sure valuable items like xbox, air conditioners and anything you may just like in general is at least 6 inches off of the floor.)
  3. Be prepared in case of an emergency flood – have a pump, a hose, buckets, a squeegee, snow shovel, bleach, flashlights, fans and other items close by
  4. Know who to call! – your team, then your insurance company (maybe), a public adjuster, and a friend who will listen to you cry
  5. Know what is covered in your homeowners insurance policy. (This is something I’m learning more about)
  6. Cats can swim but they don’t want to. (I still have two cats who are reluctant to go in the basement)
  7. TALK to your neighbors… or potential neighbors when buying a home…. I have learned a lot by asking questions (too bad I asked the questions a little too late)
  8. Muck boots are a homeowners best friend. I mean they don’t have to be pink but trust me when you are in the thick of it you will be glad you have pretty pink boots.

Here is a video of me mid clean up… I had no idea I was only mid clean up….


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