Got a Lawn Problem? These 10 Helpful Tips Will Solve It!

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It’s that time again… time to mow the lawn. Winter came and went and came and then came again but now that long Sprinter (get it winter that never ends… spring + winter = sprinter) is over. Now it is a jungle out there in the back yard. So grab these tips, grab your mower and let’s get to work.

Check out this video of my favorite tips for mowing the lawn!

  1. Wear Shoes – Seriously for safety sake wear sneakers or boots. Also wear old sneakers or boots because they will get dirty and turn green and you might step in dog poop!

2. Watch out for creatures – especially under trees. Those baby bunnies are everywhere right now! Be careful and watch for nests especially in hard to see areas like under trees.

3. Clean up the dog poop! – you have heard me say before that I use a shovel and an empty kitty litter bucket to clean up the dog poop. Make sure you do get all the dog poop up or you will be sorry!

4. Pick up the toys! I know you told the kids to pick up all of the toys but give the yard a once over before you start to mow. I’m telling you when those shards of unrecognizable plastic come flying at you,  you will be sorry! Someone will be crying over whatever that unrecognizable shard of plastic that just sliced your leg is.

5. Make sure there is gas in the lawnmower – the best laid plans are halted when the mower starts to sputter and then cuts off. Oops!

6. Know where your property line is – not only is it important to know this in general but it is especially important to know which portions of the jungle are yours to mow.

7. Be mindful of how frequently the neighbors mow the yard – Don’t be the neighbor that everyone is talking about because your yard looks like a cornfield while everyone else has freshly trimmed grass with perfect mow lines.

8. Make sure the kids and the dogs stay out of the way!  No matter how many times you say it someone will get in your way just be careful and try to keep the kids and the dog in a safe area while you are running the mower.

9. Know that you may need more than just a mower – You probably thought that you could just mow the lawn and it would be that easy. Well it’s not. There are corners and grass that grows right up along side the house that is almost impossible to get with just a mower. You may need a weed wacker, machete (just kidding), or some clippers to get into those tight spots.

10. Keep an eye on the weather! Obviously no one wants to mow in the rain. Those spring and summer storms can roll in quickly so keep an eye on your favorite weather station to keep yourself dry and not to hot while you mow. My favorite 6 ABC Adam Joseph all day every day!




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