Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cleaning Up Dog Poop!

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Seeing that owning a home didn’t seem complete without a dog we got a puppy.


Isn’t he cute… sure he is.. But you know what is not cute? Dog poop. So here are ____ things you need for cleaning up dog poop. Now know that there are many schools of thought on the best ways to clean up dog poop. Some people like the Dog Poop bags; some people like a Pooper Scooper… but this is how I do it….

1. Kitty liter buckets – now this really only makes sense if you have a cat… I use the cat liter and thenr recycle the buckets… so sorry trash man!

2. A shovel… again this is how I do it…

3. Gloves! – Now you could use rubber gloves but I love these garden gloves and I am really only using them to prevent blisters from shoveling 500 pounds of poop and not to touch or pick up poop. But in case of emergency you are able to wash these gloves. Plus look how cute they are!


Check out this video for my tips on cleaning up dog poop

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