5 Best Places To Shop For Hanging Plants

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5 Best Places To Shop For Hanging Plants



Mother’s Day is tomorrow! If you still need a gift for a special Mom in your life then head to one of these 5 places to grab a hanging flower basket!

1. The Local Farmer’s Market
2. Lowe’s
3. Home Depot
4. Tractor Supply
5. Walmart

There are many varieties of hanging plants in a various price ranges including Petunias, Fuchsia or Pansies. The average hanging basket is about $15. Hanging baskets are an easy way to add some fresh flowers without all of the work of planting those flowers.

So either for yourself or for someone special a hanging basket is a great idea!

If you are having trouble finding an arrangement that you like there is always the option to create your own hanging arrangements!

Have you ever given a hanging basket as a gift? A hanging basket would also be a great gift for a new homeowner!

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