10 Products to Bring Grilling to the Next Level

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10 Products to Bring Grilling to the Next Level

Summer is the season of grilling. From burgers to dogs and even veggies. Who doesn’t love to cook on the grill during the summer? When buying a home one of the first things I knew that I needed was a grill. I got my grill and set to work making my very own burgers. This list contains all of the must haves for every home owning (or even not) grill master. Check it out…and don’t forget to check out the Youtube video at the bottom and subscribe! If you like this post go ahead and share it with a friend!


  1. Grill…

This seems obvious but there are endless choices and everyone has their preferences. I prefer a gas grill with a side burner… I like to be able to multitask and cook corn or a veggie on the side burner while the meats are sizzling

2. Grilling tools…
This kit includes everything you need to get started with grilling including a spatula, Tongs, Fork, and Basting Brush. So if you are making burgers, hot dogs, steaks or anything else you have all the tools you need!

3. Apron
Any good grill master wants a fun apron. Not only to get a few extra kisses but to avoid getting grease on your favorite shirt!

4. Tupperware Burger Press
Tupperware has been making burger presses for years and my family swears by this press. Make your own burgers with special ingredients inside the burger! There is nothing that beats a homemade burger!

5. Salt and pepper –
Not just any salt Himalayan Pink Salt. The simple seasoning of salt and pepper is all you need to make amazing homemade burgers.

6. Meat Thermometer
For safety sake you always want to make sure that the meat that you are preparing is safe for your guest or family to eat. Check the USDA food safety guidelines for the safest temperature for any meat you are cooking.

7.Fire extinguisher
Safety first… just in case flames start erupting from the grill. Keeping a phone handy is also a good idea just in case you need to call 911.

8. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks
The grill is already hot so why not make a little dessert? These marshmallow roasting sticks are perfect to get your smore on! If you need some ideas on on S’mores recipes check these out..

How to Make a S’mores Bar for Your Next Party by Mama Cheaps

Peanut Butter Cup S’mores by Mama Cheaps

10 Cookies You MUST Make Into S’mores! by Mama Cheaps

9. Grill Brush
After using the grill you always want to clean the grates BUT always wait until the grill has COOLED OFF! Then give the grill a good old fashioned cleaning!

10. Grill cover
When the grilling is all said and done and the grill has cooled a cover to keep that girl clean!


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