Can Anyone Install A Nest Thermostat?

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Is it just me or do you constantly worry about lowering the heat because the idea of paying for heat is terrifying? Well I recently went to home depot to get a Nest thermostat. I was so excited to be able to control the heat and control my wallet as a result. So while chatting with the customer service representatives at Home Depot the Nest sounded like it would be super easy to install. I’m sure it is. But after the taking the first step and removing the cover of the the thermostat I panicked. The wires, risk of electrocution. I quickly put the lid back on.

Please note this is in no way a negative comment about either Home Depot or the Nest. This is only a post sharing that I have quickly learned that I need to know my limits as a DIYer. I know that there is a time and a place to hire a profession. This is one of those times!

PSA always turn the electricity off before attempting any kind of electrical work!

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