My 3 Favorite Things for Homeowners to Survive a Nor’easter

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It is the first full day of spring but Mother Nature has other plans. As we sit in the middle of Nor’easter number four this month you can’t help but double check the calendar. Yes it’s March. March 21st to be exact. So what do you do. Well I made a funny video and I’m here to share my favorite things for homeowners to survive a Nor’easter. What is a Nor’easter you say. Well it’s basically a giant storm that hits the East Coast of the United States. Now remember as your cleaning up your snow use your snow neighbor etiquette and help a neighbor out!  So here are my favorite things for a new homeowner (or an experienced homeowner) to survive a Nor’easter!


  1. Bib Overalls (or Snow Pants)

These are a must especially when we are talking about getting over a foot of snow. Not only are these great for sledding but they are perfect for shoveling or plowing. I usually wear these with a sweatshirt or maybe a vest because I’m not a huge fan of wearing a coat.

2. Duck boots
These are great for mud or snow! They are waterproof so you don’t have to put the plastic bags in them like you did when you were a kid!

3. Gloves
Waterproof gloves are best but it is also important to have several pairs of gloves! Especially when it keeps snowing and snow!

There you have it! So get out there finish shoveling and then enjoy a warm cup of hot cocoa!

What is your favorite thing to survive a Nor’easter?

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