Adventures of A New Homeowner: Neighbor Etiquette After a Snow Storm

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Snow is great right? I live in Pennsylvania and it snows a lot. Like a lot alot. So a recent storm, a real noreaster caused a great deal of damage. Many people in our area went without power for several days. I faired pretty well during this storm. Pretty well that is except for a branch, a very large branch that I have been watching for awhile and waiting to see when it would fall. The branch was in my neighbors tree but I was pretty sure that when it finally fell it would end up in my yard. I was right… watch the video to see what happened.

So tell me…

What would you do?

If your neighbors tree branch fell into the middle of your yard? Is it rude to tell the neighbor to come and get the tree branch? Of course if I had a fireplace I’m sure I would be glad that these giant branches had fallen on my side of the fence… but I don’t…so don’t really want them.

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