Adventures of a New Homeowner: Essential Oils To Battle Spiders!

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I am a huge fan of essential oils. You can call me a witch doctor but I love them! I use essential oils for everything! From diffusing to spraying you name and I use it! I recently started using pepermint oil to help me fight the battle against spiders! The house that I purchased was empty for awhile and prior to that from what the neighbors tell me it was a house full of hoarders! As a result of this there are so many SPIDERS! I have tried so many tips and tricks to try to keep the spiders out of the house, but needed to be able to do so in a way that was safe for pets and kids. After perusing Pinterest I found a great tip! Peppermint oil! This tip was amazing!  (See below for the recipe!) The best part is that the peppermint oil is not only safe but it also makes my house smell like Christmas! If you need some peppermint or any other oils I highly recommend Young Living Oils !

Check out the video here:

Courtesy of: preparing For SHTF

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