I Had No Idea!

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After working tirelessly to increase my credit score and save enough money to buy a home I spent what felt like forever looking at homes that I could afford and continuously being disappointed. Both my realtor and my mortgage guy were ever so patient with me. I was getting more and more frustrated because the homes that we found in my price range all needed significant repairs. At first I thought it would be so empowering to complete these types of projects but slowly the realization that I had no idea what I was doing and that I had no idea how much money these types of repairs would cost settled in and so did the disappointment. I was fearful that I would never find a house that was both suitable and affordable. Alas I did find that home and I love it. I also realized that I still have no idea what exactly being a homeowner entails or what it costs.

So I bring you this page to share the adventures, the triumphs, the shenanigans that come with being a homeowner and having virtually no idea what I am doing at times.


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